Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Sketching with Jason Seiler Review!

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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Sketching with Jason Seiler DVD SOLD OUT!

Jason Seiler is a world renowned illustrator, humorist portrait painter, and teacher who has won numerous awards and accolades for his digital, acrylic, and oil paintings. In this DVD, Jason talks about the importance of sketching as a means of practice and preparation for finished works. Jason also takes you through his process as he demonstrates the tools and techniques he uses to sketch in various mediums, form pencil and paper to digital painting. Whether you are a trained professional looking to hone your skills or an aspiring artist looking for a place to start, this DVD has something for every skill level. As Jason is fond of saying, " Art won't happen on it's own." So get out there and sketch.

This DVD is 110 minutes of drawing and painting, plus SPEACIAL FEATURES!

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SOLD OUT!!!! SEILER 2008-2009

This is my new book, published with Brandstudio Press! It is a 48 page 9"x12" Hardcover book. It's a collection of work done between 2008-2009, although the majority was painted after January of 2009. It's a great looking art book, there are full pages that feature zoomed in details of particular paintings, showing texture and brushwork. There are several drawings and paintings that have never been seen before, created just for this book! Also in this book is a Photoshop Painting Demonstration, as well as a detailed index which lists the titles of the artwork, as well as the size, medium and what it was painted for.

The books have arrived! This book is "The Best of Jason's Art" created during the 2008- to present day. This is an oversize volume which includes a fantastic and thorough 4 page painting tutorial and some never before seen pieces.

There are a lot of nice surprises in this book one being highly detailed close ups of selected paintings. Jason enjoys painting and brush work and loves to share the detail of his brush work.

Caricature The Art of Jason Seiler


This is my first book, published with Imaginism Studios. In this book, you will find many paintings previously published in magazines such as GOLF, Guitar Player, The Weekly Standard, REVOLVER and more. Some of the pages include sketches I did in preparation for the painted illustrations.

There are paintings painted just for the book such as "The World is a Vampire", "Condi's Sucka", and "Bill Murray". A Tutorial on thumbnail sketching, pages from my sketch books, and in the tradition of Imaginism Studios, a Guest Artist Gallery featuring the art of Joe Bluhm, Drew Friedman, Ismael Roldan, Bobby Chiu, Thomas Fluharty, Larry Seiler, Stephen Silver, Kei Acedera, Hermann Mejia, Roberto Parada, Jan Op De Beeck and Wouter Tulp.

Foreword by Drew Friedman.